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Emergency advice for pet owners

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How you can keep your pets safe during an emergency

The chances of getting caught up in an emergency are small, but it’s still a good idea to think about what you would do if you, your family and pets were involved. 

As a pet owner you will want to make sure you have taken steps to ensure your pet’s welfare in an emergency.  

For example, do you know what you would do if:

  • You were stuck away from home for a couple of nights?
  • You were advised to leave your house because it wasn’t safe to stay there – where would you and your pets go?
  • Your home was without power or water for a couple of days – could you still look after your pet? 

If you can’t answer these questions easily you should take a look at our Get ready for the unexpected – Pets leaflet. 

Get ready for the unexpected (pdf 341kb opens in new window)

Within the leaflet it gives advice on putting together a ‘grab bag’ for your pet which contains essential items that you’d need if you and your pet had to leave your home unexpectedly as well as what to do if you should need to shelter at home. 

The leaflet also contains a helpful form to note down essential information which you might need in an emergency such as your vets contact number, contact numbers of places you could stay with your pet at short notice and items to grab in an emergency.

Find out about how you and your pets could be better prepared to deal with an unexpected event such as an emergency.

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