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Let's Get Ready

Preparedness signpost

Some things in life we can plan for, like birthdays and weddings - but life isn’t always that predictable.

Why should we get ready?

Don't panic! The chances of getting caught up in an emergency are small. But its still a good idea to to think about what you would do if you were involved. 

Emergencies can really disrupt our daily lives. We can’t usually stop them from happening, but we can plan ahead to minimise the impact. 

Get ready for the unexpected brochure 2017 (pdf 1mb opens in new window)

This guide outlines simple steps you can take to prepare for an emergency. A few minutes thinking about it now could make a big difference in helping to keep you and your family safe.

Don’t wait for the unexpected to happen – prepare now! Once you are prepared - encourage your friends and neighbours to be too!    

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