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How do I volunteer to help my community?

After an emergency many people and voluntary sector / community groups want to volunteer to support affected communities in their area but don't know how. There are many emergency plans in place, particularly at a local community level. For example, many Town and Parish Councils have community emergency plans and would welcome offers of support. If you want to get involved, please complete this form and send it to 

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Lions District 105 E

We are working in partnership with our colleagues in the local Lions Clubs to help them with developing a club emergency plan. The purpose of the club emergency plan is to allow the Lions Club to manage the response to an emergency more easily. This is achieved by pre-identifying contact numbers, useful resources and possible vulnerable people in order to provide assistance to emergency responders quickly and easily. During an emergency the club will link up with responders and/or the town or parish council to provide assistance such as checking on the vulnerable, collecting provisions and prescriptions and helping move property and furniture as well as other useful jobs during the response and recovery phase.

If you are a Lions Club and wish to produce a plan you can use the templates and guidance below.

The following document will take you through the steps needed to complete a plan.

How to complete a club emergency plan (word 28kb opens in new window)

The following document contains a coordinator plan template. This is an over arching plan for the whole region. It will have a list of the coordinators who will then manage the individual club plans. In the event of an emergency it will be a contact from this plan that the responders will get in touch with. The coordinator will then in turn get in touch with the individual clubs likely to be affected.

Lions Zone Coordinator Plan (word 93kb opens in new window)

The Lions Club Plan template (below) is for use by the club to produce its emergency plan. Held within the plan will be information such as contact numbers, a list of available resources, a list of vulnerable people and information on what to do during an emergency. 

Lions Club Plan (word 107kb opens in new window)

Below is a useful letter template for asking club members for their help in completing the Club Emergency Plan.

Standard Lions Club Member Letter (word 672kb opens in new window)

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